Healthy Treats for Healthy Dogs


Probiotics_with_Digestive_Enzymes Our first product we offered is a Probiotic Soft Chew with added Digestive Enzymes and Prebiotics. This came about because Tally – one of our Black Labs – was a terror for raiding food and this caused her to have all sorts of stomach and GI issues – which is why our Probiotic Chew was great news. For more information go to the Probiotic page for more detail.
Allergy Relief The next product we brought to market is an Allergy Relief Soft Chew filled with Antioxidants and Turmeric. Ben – another Black Lab – was allergic to House Mites, Dust Mites and Cat Fleas and what with a house full of kids and cats he was always going to suffer. This is why we have chosen our Allergy Relief with Turmeric Soft Chew as our second product as this will make his life so much more healthy and natural without the reliance on Steroids and other drugs
Our latest product we developed – Bladder Balance with Cranberry is on the market and Bladder Balance is recommended to help maintain and support normal bladder health for dogs. Bladder Support is helpful for urinary incontinence, urinary tract support and dog bladder control. Loss of Oestrogen levels can lead to spay incontinence, a result of diminished bladder muscle tone.