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Probiotics for Dogs Plus Added Digestive Enzymes Boosts Digestive Health and Aids Diarrhea Relief and Breath and Yeast problems 60 Dog Treats

All in a Bite-Size chew


Probiotics for Dogs plus Added Digestive Enzymes

Unique Extra Value 3 in 1 Formula – Combines to control; Yeast and related rashes and skin problems, diarrhea and loose stool or constipation, bad-smelling gas or breath, shedding scratching and hot spots caused by stress from digestive imbalances.


Just like us, your pet may need help with digestion. Our Probiotics for dogs maintains a healthy gut and supports the immune system. Common causes of diarrhea for dogs and puppies include food changes, antibiotics, travel or kennel related stress. Human food isn’t made for our pets and in the same way our probiotic for dogs is only designed for dogs. Get the good stuff there quicker. Our chew gives you the option to dose between meals (a big drink dilutes stomach acid) and move the probiotic quickly into the digestive tract.

Digestive enzymes

Modern pet food can lack some enzymes in a natural raw diet needed for digestion and to break up toxins. Our digestive enzymes are especially helpful to dogs on a processed or cooked diet. For relief or prevention of Digestive Problems, Stool Eating, Grass Eating, Weight Loss/Gain, Excessive Shedding, Candida, Inflammation, Food Intolerance, Gas.


Our prebiotics (food for intestinal bacteria) are carried to your pets gut together with the probiotics to feed them.

Easy to Store – Our probiotics for dogs come in a re-sealable pouch with no need for refrigeration.

Easy to dose – Our soft chews are already measured.

Easy to eat – soft for older or problem teeth; so tasty your dog will love you for the extra treat.

Made with care and independently inspected, we believe that you and your dog will both be delighted, but if you’re not 100% satisfied, you can return the product at any time for a full refund.

Where do I get Fitapet’s Probiotics or Dogs from?

You can our Probiotic Soft Chew with added Digestive Enzymes and Free Prebiotics from our Online Store or from our Amazon Store at the amazing price of $18.95 .