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The proof is in the fur!

I’d like to begin this review by stating I did NOT receive these for any discount, or in exchange for a review. I simply stumbled upon these and can attest to their quality!
My puppy was having irregular bowel movements and throwing up every now and then, despite the fact that we buy him premium all natural dog food and do not give him any table food or snacks not made in the USA. He would still have soft stools no matter how hard we tried to make sure he was intaking good food.
I recently started taking a probiotic myself, and wondered if there was one for my pup and found these!
First things first – my puppy LOVES them. I have to stow these away, because if he got his paws on them I have no doubt he’d go through the whole bag! I don’t know what it is in these – but my pup will RUN at the sight of me grabbing this bag!
Value – I think these are a great value and very high quality. They are a soft chew, but every single piece was still together in the bag, no crumbs at the bottom or anything like that. This is perfect for a small dog, who only need 1 per day. Currently my small chiweenie only needs one a day, making one of these bags last 2 months!
Results – I wanted to wait a month or so to really see if there was any difference. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much other than more solid stools. Boy was I wrong! His fur is MUCH softer and shinier! His breath smells SO much better, and he smells great. I can go much longer between baths for him now! Previously I was bathing him every 2 weeks…it’s been a month now and he smells great and his fur is soft and shiny. His stools are much more solid and regular, he seems like a happy pup all around!
All in all I am so glad I found this product, it has shown to have so many benefits for my little guy!

Fido and Puppy Approved!

By QueeNia

 My dog enjoyed these ProBiotic + digestive enzymes treats. He is a little over 40 lbs so he only gets 3 soft chews a day. A few times my son have him a couple extra and no harm was done to our knowledge. But I would stick to the suggested daily amount. There were 60 in the package so I this is essentially a 20 day supply for us if were going to use it daily. However, the package also states that we can use it intermittently or as a supplement. In my opinion, due to the nature of ProBiotics I wouldn’t have it around until the best used by date if the package is opened. I also would give it to my dog only if I noticed a change in his stool or if I had to change his food for any reason. Then I’ll stop giving it to him as his stool regulated itself.

One square chew is about the size of a penny. So even a small dog over six week old can use this ProBiotic. The added digestive enzymes might be a plus especially when pups are transitioning to solid food and you are still trying to figure which is the best brand for your pet.

The chew has a sweet scent to it so I’ll advice it to be kept it out of reach of smaller children.


My dog loves these and he’s so happy and begs for them 

By Sherri M

I got Probiotics for dogs plus added digestive enzymes for my dog because hes been a little sickly all his life . A lot of foods doesn’t agree with him and i have to be very careful what I feed him . The flavor of these soft chews is chicken and the bag has 60 in it . The bag is resealable so it will keep the chews fresh . You go by your dogs weight for the dosage . My dog weights around 80 lbs , so for him he should have 3 a day . Its not intended for puppies under 6 weeks of age . This is a safe and healthy treat for my dog and its wheat free . I am very happy with this product and my dog loves it . I would recommend it to others.


Red Fur All Gone!

We purchased this to see if it would help our dog stop chewing his paws and kill the yeast that was growing on his paws. YES! IT DID!
Katie Canine on our local radio show said we should try probiotics. It seems the grain in the dog foods causes allergies and that causes his paw chewing and then the wet paws cause yeast to grow between his toes…and that turns the hair red between his toes. A month later and there’s no more paw chewing and no more red hair.

My dog loves them

By Angela

 I am super careful when it comes to my dogs health and like to make sure he only gets the best. He hasn’t been feeling the greatest lately and among other things our vet has suggested a probiotic. He has been doing great this last week with the changes we have made and doesn’t struggle to eat these at all. He literally just gobbles it right up. I am so glad that he is feeling better and that these have been helping him. One thing I have noticed is that he seems to be having an easier time going to the bathroom so we are outside struggling a lot less.


Probiotic Dog Chews, 60 count

This is a package of bite sized probiotics chews for dogs and pups. The pouch is a foil package with a resealable ziploc top. There is a generous 60 or so dog chews in this which will last two dogs an entire month. We have a couple of picky eater dogs so getting them to take even a multi vitamin that has been covered in wet dog food or some dinner left overs never seems to be able to fool them.

This is the first time I have ever been able to toss them a nutritional supplement and they just ate it and begged for more. They are medium sized dogs with monster sized gas that fumigates their sleeping area. Since eating one of these for about a week now, the gas has been noticeably far less problematic. That tells me that their digestive tracts are functioning at a more healthy level. This makes for happier dogs and happier noses all the way around.


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Probiotic soft chews for your pooch

 My pup loves these. I give her one a day and I like that they are soft because she does have 2 teeth missing so they do not bother her or make her work to hard for them. They are small but I find it to also be the perfect size for her (malti-poo 7lbs). She really enjoys the chicken flavor of this and runs when she hears the bag, if only my vitamins and supplements tasted so good!

I like that these are wheat free and healthy for my dog, since she is older she does need them but I don’t want to weigh her down with overly processed/chemical treats. I have not noticed any adverse reactions to these or her getting sick/fatigued or loose poops so I think they are doing their job without being detrimental also.


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Dogs Love it!

I purchased the Fitapet Probiotics for dogs for our two large breed dogs, a Bloodhound and a Bernese Mountain Dog. This is my initial review and I will update after they have eaten more as well.

My dogs were fast asleep when I opened the package of these probiotic treats. As soon as I opened the bag itself they must have gotten a whiff of it because they were sitting front and center begging for them (this is unusual for them because both are very well trained and do not bed for food). I smelled them and was not too keen on the smell but as you can see in my pictures my dogs were excited to try them, our Bernese was even putting her paw up trying to get dad to give her some (again she NEVER does this). They both loved the taste and wanted more after eating their appropriate dose (dosages will be later in the review as it goes by weight).

My favorite thing is that I can read all the ingredients, it is clear cut and you know what you dog is eating. There are NO dyes, our Bernese is allergic to anything with red dye in it and it is nearly impossible for us to find treats she can eat, but these are safe for her.

The dosages are different for each dog based on weight.

1 treat for dogs up to 20 pounds
2 treats for dogs 21 up to 40 pounds
3 treats for dogs 41 to 80 pounds
4 treats for dogs 81 pounds and larger

These are not recommended for dogs under the age of 6 weeks.


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Toy poodle approved!

I have a toy poodle that weighs six pounds. She’s a silly little thing and seems to have the most sensitive stomach ever. We’ve had many issues in the past with her eating dog treats or sneaking people food. Not only does people food make her ill, but she tends to get seizures relating to many ingredients in people food. The poor thing doesn’t have it easy, that’s for sure. We love rewarding her and giving her treats but we simply can’t because of how sensitive she is. Being that these treats are made for dogs with sensitive tummies, we had to try it. I was really cautious at first and only would give her half of one.
After a few days of no irritation we started giving her a whole one once a day. We haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary except her stinky farts haven’t poisoned our air supply since we started using these! We’ve been able to give her treats (and healthy stuff!) without feeling like we’re actually punishing her. The best part.. she absolutely loves them! She does her silly hind legs only dance for minutes! You’d think these were the best things in the world. We love being able to spoil our little girl with treats and good health.
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Nothing worked until we tried this product, grateful for the results

Our rescue pup had been through all kind of health issues before I adopted her. and has severe stomach issues. We tried several different foods, but nothing helped so on the advice of a friend who is a vet tech we decided to try a probiotic. The first brand we tried was a powder and it didn’t really seem to help her much but Fitapet’s Probiotics for Dogs Plus Added Digestive Enzymes has really had a positive impact. No more tummy problems, pains, toxic gas or noisy stomach.
After using this product for nearly 2 weeks, she eats regularly, she appears to have an appetite, her bowel movements are more standardized. Shes no longer struggling to go. Very pleased with the results and the format of the probiotic, we just give it to her as we would a treat and she gobbles it right up. This item was supplied to me at no cost during a promotion by the seller in order to evaluate and share my experience. All opinions are 100% my own and they reflect my honest & unbiased opinion. One may or may not have the same results as myself when using it. I hope this review helps anyone looking for an awesome probiotic for their dog, if there are any questions please don’t hesitate to ask and I’ll do my best to help.


Thumbs up so far

So far so good with this probiotic! This arrived just in time as my sisters little dog has skin issues and sometimes needs to go on antibiotics. When he’s had antibiotics in the past he has had issues with diarrhea. This is no fun for him or my sister who has cleanup duty! She saw that I got these and asked to give them a try since she just started him on a round of antibiotics this past week. He’s between 15 and 20 pounds so she just gave him one soft chew. The chews smell like something a doggie would like and he ate it no problem. At this point his diarrhea has passed…it’s tough to tell if his digestive tract had just started to adjust and go back to normal or if this did the heavy lifting of getting it to stop, but either way I do think it helped at least speed up the process of bringing things back to normal. I’ve left the bag with my sister and will update this review the next time she uses them, right off the bat with antibiotics again.


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Tasty and Effective!!

I have had my dog on probiotics for awhile now. He had a near death experience with bacterial meningitis 18 months ago and had to take wicked hard drugs to come back from it. He was on 3 high doses of antibiotics and one high dose of steroids. Luckily for me, these drugs literally saved my dogs life, however, they were also really taxing to his digestive system. Antibiotics are known to kill everything, the good and bad bacteria, so his system was pretty ravaged by the end of it. I noticed a much lower immune strength for him and he would come down with upset stomachs easier, swollen lymph nodes, and his system in general was more fragile and sensitive.

My holistic vet recommended putting him on probiotics which he has been on fairly regularly for over a year. Because of my experience with probiotics, I was very excited to try these out. These are the only probiotics I have seen that include both prebiotics and digestive enzymes. The added boost seems to be helping his system as his system is even more resilient. He is eating bully sticks which use to cause deadly gas and now his system isn’t reacting at all.

As for the biscuit itself, my super picky dog actually eats these. They are softish and can be broken up easily which is handy because after awhile, he gets sick of treats so I will be able to crumble it up and put it into a slice of ham with some of his other supplements. Definitely a great product, and I so appreciate getting to try these out!!



The Probiotics is intended for intermittent or supplement feeding. I got these for my medium size breed dog, jack Russell. She was sound asleep when I opened these, she came running to me for a treat. I give her one and she immediately eats it, and goes back to lay down.

Suggested daily use:
* up to 20 lbs…….1 soft treats
* 21 lbs to 40lbs…..2 soft treats
* 41 lbs to 80 lbs…..3 soft treats
* 81 lbs and over……4 soft treats

These treats will make your dog come back for more, but make sure you only give the suggested treats for their size. These treats help with a dogs digestive system. These treats have 60 treats, chicken flavor for your dog to enjoy.

These treats are great for any types of dogs, small or medium or large dogs can use them. Just follow directions. My dog loves these treats, and will continue to use them for her.


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I have an older dog and she is very picky about food and treats. She loves these. She is small so I give her one per day. When I give it to her I break it in two pieces so that it is easier for her to eat and she can smell it more. I take probiotics myself so I want her to also take them and this product is perfect as she sees it as a treat. Since she is older, sometimes she has trouble digesting food. I have given her some of my enzyme pills and sprinkle a small amount on her food. However, with this product it is so easy to just give it to her as a treat. The ingredients are wonderful.
The first ingredient is Brewers yeast which is good and then has many other healthy ingredients. It is wheat free which is important as she does not eat wheat. The product is made in the USA which is super important to me. There are 60 soft chews in the package, so this will last 2 months.


My dogs love these chicken flavored soft chew treats. Comes in a handy zippered pouch!

My dogs love treats! I was happy to find these treats that are healthy for my dogs and contains probiotics and digestive enzymes. All good things that will make my dogs stay healthy!
The treats comes in a nice sealed zippered pouch. I really like this so I can keep the treats sealed and fresh, yet it is quick to access them by just unzipping the pouch. The treats are square bite size and just perfect to give my dogs. Of course my dogs want more then one each time, but I am sticking to the dozing chart and giving them only one a day. The treats are soft chews, so it is easy for any dog to eat them and they seem to dissolve pretty quickly. These treats are chicken flavored and are wheat free. Overall my dogs are super happy with these treats and comes running as soon as they hear me opening up the zippered pouch.
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